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Cylindrical 3 Color Changing LED Shower Head

Cylindrical 3 Color Changing LED Shower Head

High-tech design becomes the first highlight of this item. It is made of superior material, lightweight but durable in use. And it offers a smoothing and massaging spray with body coverage from head to toe. Wide range of sprays makes you comfortable and refreshing. With built-in decompression throttle valve, it can control the water pressure effectively, expand the lifespan of the motor and save water; with filter in the throttle valve, it can filter out impurities in the water to improve the quality of water and protect the motor!
Stylish and durable, beautiful atmosphere
Bright as a mirror, a large surface
3 colors, excellent corrosion resistance
With excellent comprehensive properties, good size stability
No matter how much pressure, the water is very soft
Easy installation, no assembly is required
The LED color will change according to the water temperature
Shower Head Diameter 11.2cm
Strength Setting Range 2
LED Color 3 Colors (Green,Blue,Red)
LED Color Change Mode Blue: Water Temperature: ≤ 28℃ ; Green: Water Temperature: 29 ~ 36℃ ; Red: Water Temperature: 37 ~ 43℃ ; Red Flashing: Water Temperature: ≥ 44℃
LED Quantity 9 Pcs
Handle Length 25 cm
Tap Water Pressure Has to Reach 0.15 MPa or More
Hose Thread Diameter International Standard G1 / 2
Installation Holes One Hole
Spout Length 25cm
Faucet Body Material A Grade ABS
Handshower Material A Grade ABS
Shower Head Width 11.2 cm
Shape Cylindrical
Dimensions (4.4 x 1.38 x 14.17)" / (11.2 x 3.5 x 36)cm (L x W x H)
Weight 15.87oz / 450g
Package Includes
1 x Shower Head


SKU: 86003050 TM


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